Head to the beach

“Smell the sea and see the sky, let your soul and spirit fly”
Van Morrison

We’re great fans of the beach here at Northcourt and can thoroughly recommend it in winter or summer for long walks, big skies, and much more besides.

For those of you who love a walk then there’s nothing better than feeling the sun on your face and the wind in your hair as you stroll along beside the sea. Escape from the confines of indoors, get your winter woollies and wellies on, and follow the Island’s coastal path to Chiltern Chine – our favourite winter beach spot. To the west of the village of Brighstone within a 10-minute drive of Northcourt, it is a small coastal gully created by stream erosion of soft Cretaceous rocks and brilliant for rock pooling and fossil hunting at low tide.

In the summer months, we love to go to Compton Farm – just a 15-minute drive away. A mere quarter of a mile away from the farm is Compton Bay, a surfer’s paradise at high tide and a beachcomber’s at low. Rock pooling, sandcastles, and good old-fashioned beach activities like picnics, swimming, and sunbathing are all on the agenda as it is south-facing and so catches all of the sun. But don’t just leave Compton until the summer, explore in winter too!

And here are just a few more reasons why you should visit the beach in winter or summer…

The minerals and salt in seawater soothe aching joints.
Workout in the waves.
Playing those beach games.
Vital vitamin D. Soaking up that sun is necessary for our bodies to function well.
Clear the mental clutter.
Technology detox.
A great place to contemplate and meditate.

So, come and stay with us, enjoy all that the Island has to offer, smell the sea and feel the sky and feel reinvigorated.